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Some History about Green Certification

About GBLGreen Business League started in 2005, but has it roots in the foundations of business development.  Unlike so many groups that saw business as the enemy, we knew that business had to be the ally of the Green and sustainable movement. 

Programs like LEED, ISO, and Green Seal demonstrated that good programs can become the benchmark for others to follow.

Of course, we saw the early rise of self-appointed Green businesses.  This gave rise to dozens of Green certifications that were little more than "Pay to Play."  They sprung up on the Internet like toll booths on a highway doing little more than collecting a fee for a downloadable logo.

Instead of the easy way, Green Business League made several core decisions.  We would proudly operate on an "Earned, not Bought" philosophy.  Therefore, all certifications are the results of verified audits.

Secondly, our program was not about buildings or products, but about Green practices (operations).  Others have copied us, but none compare to the international impact that the Green Business League has had.

CREDIBILITY: Our first task was to build a train and professional field-force of Green consultants and auditors to provide the support and independent review that this task required.  So far, there are more than 350 Certified Green Consultants in the U.S. and internationally. 

TRANSPARENCY: The second task was to continue our war on greenwashing by making a certification program that was transparent and not artificially programmed.  Every audited certification comes by means of a point system that is documents and on display for public review.

METRICS: The third task was to establish a universal metric (benchmark) that could be applied universally.  The program had to be usable by every size and every type of business, and it had to be simple enough for people to use.  Our Green point system assigns points to every honest Green application that lead to a level of certification.  Now, every business can achieve certification that has the same measurements anywhere in the country, and anywhere in the world.

The culmination of these efforts was the new Green Path Assessment program that is now available online for all businesses to use without charge. The investment made was immense, but our dedication to our core principles was greater.  We were committed to "Greater Participation" and "More Solutions" as the best path to our environmental problems.

With appreciation for LEED, ISO and other audited programs; the effective penetration is still less than 5% of the 27 billion American businesses.  Our vision was to reach the other 97% with a reputable certification program that allowed more businesses to share in the greatest challenge of our day.

GBL ConsultantOur program has now expanded into Canada, South America, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, South Africa, and Malaysia.  More offices will open in 2011 as the popularity of our program is adopted by cities, organizations, and corporations.

We are proud to be a "League of Environmental Professionals" working at the grassroots level, municipal and government structures, and corporate leadership to bring the most credible and transparent Green business certifications in the world to any business, anywhere.

We offer the affordable and best Green business certification program in the country that cannot be greenwashed, or merely bought over the Internet.  We also encourage businesses everywhere to join our war on Greenwashing by requiring a transparency in every Green certification that proves that environmental claims were honestly installed and independently reviewed.

Green Business League®, GBL Certified Green Consultant®, GBL Certified Sustainability Officer™, and Green Path Assessment™ are the trademarks of the Green Business League, Inc; and we reserve all rights to these trademarks.

If your company has multi-location facilities, we would like to show you how our Green Path program will give your company the best Green program in the country.  Call us for information.


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