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American Small Business Alliance Earns Green Certification

American Small Business Alliance

The American Small Business Alliance, Inc. is the newest company in the Mid-Atlantic region to be awarded national Gold Certification through the Green Business League™.  The company was independently audited and evaluated by Jean Cozzolino, a local Certified Green Consultant with Greener Perspectives, who stated “this is a great company who had already incorporated many “green” ideas into their regular business practices…they certainly deserve this national recognition.”

The ASBA started the certification process on its own by simply completing an online assessment through the free website www.TheGreenPath.Me., as any company interested in improving its green practices can do.  But, rather than simply making internal improvements, they recognized the benefits of becoming a nationally-certified Green Business.  Alexandra Sekscenski, Executive Assistant, said the program was user-friendly and easy to use, and was very pleased with the outcome.

The American Small Business Alliance, Inc. is an 8(a), service-disabled veteran owned event planning, and management organization built on maintaining strong alliances with businesses, government agencies and educational institutions via superior job performance and outstanding customer service.

With over fifteen years of experience in conference management, administration, planning, training, and sales, ASBA has built its business on strong ethics, integrity, and high quality performance to its customers.  As outlined by both Alexandra Sekscenski, Executive Assistant and Nat Parker, Vice President, OPS, ASBA is genuinely committed to becoming more sustainable in their business practices and further reducing their carbon footprint.

Specifically, it was noted that ASBA not only provides reusable bags to all attendees but also conducts webinars and video events to reduce travel pollution and even conducts job interviewing via skype whenever possible.  Going further, they also use email to cut down on their paper waste rather than printing out invoices and receipts, they recycle all print cartridges and their non-smoking facility helps to improve air quality for everyone.

Not only has ASBA worked hard to improve their sustainability efforts while exceeding customer expectations, they also go out of their way to give back to their local community whenever possible.  To illustrate, in November, 2009, ASBA launched a community outreach program which continues to contribute to the community on a quarterly basis. 

Overall, Cozzolino was very impressed with what this small company has been able to achieve and was happy to work with the employees of The American Small Business Alliance, Inc. to help them achieve a position of leadership in environmental stewardship.

Further information about The American Small Business Alliance, Inc. can be found on their website, and further information on both the free Green Path methodology and Greener Perspectives is available at

Submitted by Jean Cozzolino, 410-937-4657


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