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CedarBridge Academy Scores Emerald Status with GBL

CedarBridge Academy in BermudaThe achievement of the emerald status is no small task.  A company or organization must reach more than 1000 points in an audited review of Green and sustainable practices, and maintain those practices throughout the year.  The Green Business League has developed a benchmark in Green performance that is claimed to be both nationwide and international in application.

Cedarbridge Academy has become the first emerald level program in the country of Bermuda, and has proven the value of the program.  First of all, the achievements of the Cedarbridge academy are not small.  There are sixteen categories of measurement that consider building, energy, water, paperless systems, IT, fleet, and waste management.  There are more than 400 designated solutions that may apply to any program. 

Mr. Stuat Crockwell is the chief operations officer at Cedarbridge, and has worked for a number of years to transition CedarBridge to a Green and sustainable operation.  Mr. Crockwell worked with Leon Obrien of Green Path Bermuda ( to assess the progress of Cedarbridge Academy.  Mr. Obrien conducted the audit recently and assessed 1120 point, which earns the academy the GBL Green business certification at the emerald level.

The Green Path program is a holistic approach to a Green program that addresses more than building construction or energy use. Every aspect of the program has potential areas of environmental improvement.  This is why it may take months or years to achieve a high level of proficiency.  However, Going Green is progressive in nature meaning that it is accomplished in steps rather than a single leap.

The Green Path software declares that, "It is a Journey, not a Visit."

The Green Business League is pleased to recognize the efforts of Mr. Crockwell, the staff, and the students of CedarBridge Academy.  Therefore, CedarBridge Academy has been awarded Green certification at the emerald level.  This achievement will serve as an accomplishment to be followed by other Bermudan businesses.  Any company or organization may join CedarBridge Academy on the Green Path by signing onto the Green Path software.  Since the software is free to use, no business is excluded, and the process is easy to follow.

Mr. Charles Leon Obrien is the Caribbean director for the Green Business League and the director of Green Path Bermuda.  Contact his office for assistance and auditing services that are required to a reputable Green business certification.

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