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The Green Path Runs through New Systems

New System

An important movement is working its way through community after community. While many “talk the talk” many businesses do not “walk the walk.”  New System in Earth City, Missouri has recently joined a program called “The Green Path.” Every Green Path business is dedicated to an honest and transparent process of environmental improvement. Businesses in this program must do more than make token efforts. Every Green practice is audited for accuracy proving that every claim is honestly in place.

The journey to Green for New System,, came as the result of a number of changes to their daily operations. One of the first changes was a conscientious change in paper use by many businesses. This decision was more than a decision to use recycled paper. Other improvements include e-faxing, duplex printing, better use of digital systems that record and store documents. New System has also identified through the Green Path the use of paperless delivery recording, more fuel efficient smaller delivery vehicles and email invoicing of over half the companies clients. In place are other attributes such as landscaping, building matting and water use reduction systems.

The Green Path was formed as a clear and bold response to the unruly invasion of Greenwashing tactics so prevalent in the business market. Businesses may chart their progress on the Green Path with a powerful software application, making progress by initiating month-by-month efforts to Green their operations. These efforts result in operational savings as the attributes are put in place. The affirmation of these efforts moves a business from boast to proven fact, through a live audit system. Auditing is the time-tested process for integrity and openness that is required for every authentic business certified by the Green Business League through TKC Green.

The Green Path is said to be “A Journey, not a Visit.” Therefore, there is a starting point, a progression, and a measuring process. The acceptance of the challenge to pursue The Green Path program is more than a token effort. It is more than a self-assessment. Each business using The Green Path makes a commitment to change.

The Green Path has hundreds of possibilities that may applied to any given business and never the same for any two. The Green Path now runs through New System and the city of St. Louis, Missouri. The environmentally-motivated public will want to watch New System as this company, celebrating its 40th year in business, makes progress in its environmental program. It seems that the real genius behind any Green or sustainable program is inclusion.

Getting more and more people and companies to share in the challenge offers the best path to success in this generation. Therefore, the suggestion for every community to “Join Us on The Green Path” seems to be the right solution for nearly everyone.
The Green Path program is the brainchild of the Green Business League which offers this program without charge to communities committed to developing a process that can be used by any kind of business. Businesses can sign onto the software at or and immediately begin making environmental progress. To the surprise of many, the effort required is modest; and consistent effort will literally reduce operational costs.

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