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Candela Systems Earns it Green Business Certification

Candela SystemsCandela Systems is one of the most successful lighting systems in the market.  Candela's client list is equally impressive, having worked with: the US Postal Service, Home Depot, Eckards, Marriott, and Pespisco.  See list

Adding the the reputation of the company, Candela has recently earned the silver level certification after completing an audit by Kristen DeClemente, of Hudson Valley Technology Development Center.  Kristen is a Certified Green Consultant with the Green Business League.

What few may realize is that offering a Green product does not make a company Green!  The product may be very Green, but the supporting company may be generally non-Green.  Candela has seen the value of offering efficient, Green lighting systems and running a Green operation. 

Practical steps include: Green janitorial services and cleaners, HEPA vacuums, installing VOC eating plants, skylights, Energy Star appliances. and installing tap water filtration systems for employee use.  These are only of the few changes being made at Candela.

The Green Business League commends Candela for its outstanding effort, and is pleased to award the silver certification as a Green business based upon the efforts made by the company.  All GBL certifications require a live audit to assure compliance and eliminate any question of Greenwashing.

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