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Club of Rome Meets GBL

Club of Rome - Francesco Stipo

Kurt Morrow and myself were very pleased to meet with Francesco Stipo in Miami, Florida for a get acquainted meeting.  The Club of Rome is a long-standing organization with chapters throughout the world. 

Their mission is stated as: "... to encourage both thinking and action toward a sustainable earth. In so doing, we recognize that all phenomena and problems are interrelated. Based upon research, investigation, experience, and innovation from within our group as well as from around the world, we will present findings to leaders, governments, civil society, and the general public in hopes of creating paradigm shifts that will promote altering actions and policies toward the planet as well as sustainability of life on earth. In our individual work, lives and writings, we enact these insights into a better future for the human race."

During our evening with Dr. Stipo there was a great exchange of ideas and expectations that Dr. Stipo would work with the Green Business League to provide a format Green businesses in the United States as well as other countries.

The new Green Path software was part of the discussion, and Dr. Stipo saw this a a huge benefit to the Green and sustainable programs of nearly any business.  It was a pleasure to meet with Francesco Stipo, and it is hoped that the relationship will continue to grow over time.

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