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Certified Green ConsultantWhy should I choose Green Business League to certify my company?

Let's start out with a federal trademark, but then turn our attention to stability and recognition.  LEED is a well-known certification.  However, a LEED certification is expensive and you must be a building owner to participate.  GBL has pioneered the Green Practices program, which allows all kinds of businesses (including renters and leasees) to honestly earn a Green Business Certification.  Of course, much of our real credibility comes from the largest team (more than 300) of Certified Green Consultants across America, Canada, and other countries.

How much will GBL Green Business Certification cost?

Business certification starts at $500 and goes upward depending on employee size and need.  The better question is how much money will your company save with our "Zero Cost Consulting?"  By this, we mean that if your company faithfully applies the Green Practices suggested, there is every likelihood that all of your costs will be recovered in 12-24 months of operation.  Every year afterward, the savings makes your company stronger.

Must I use a Certified Green Consultants for Green certification?

This raises a very important question.  A legitimate Green business certification cannot be self-awarded or bought off the Internet.  Using a professional to review and audit your business avoids claims of greenwashing and improves the ROI of your Green efforts.

What about Online Green certifications?

Think about it!  These are classic scams selling unaudited self-assessing programs as though they were the real thing.  You should not buy your Green certification off the Internet which makes you part of a scam pass along to the public that you serve.

How do I contact a Certified Green Consultant ™in my area?

To assure proper consistency, we have state directors and consultants in nearly every part of the country.  Simply click on the "Order a Green Business Assessment" button, and we will have a Certified Green Consultant™ answer your questions.  In most cases, our consultant will be in touch in a day or so.

How long will it be until my company is GBL Green Business Certified?

Between 30-90 days in most cases.  All we need to do it give you credit for changes already in place and confirm that the other agreed Green Practices are added into the system.  But, be aware that we see Going Green as a progressive effort.  It doesn't happen with a one-time effort.  We ask that you consider a year-by-year plan to move from silver to gold, gold to platinum, platinum to titanium.

Do I have to pay again every time my company moves to a higher level of Green certification?

Absolutely not!  There is never a charge to move up in your GBL certification status.  We do, however, conduct an annual audit of all companies to assure that the original Green Practices will continue to be part of the program. 

How much should I anticipate in "other costs" that come from Greening my company?

Not much, really.  Many Green Practices are small expenses.  Some merely require shifting from one type of purchase to an alternative.  There are other costs as your company moves from the easy fixes to the larger challenges, but that can be scheduled over a year or more to make it affordable.  We work hard to always consider the ROI for all improvements.  We like to suggest that many Green Practices have an immediate benefit and an ROI of 12-24 month.

Can I get an EPA Energy Star rating for my business?

Green Business League is an EPA Energy Star partner capable of taking your company through the Energy Star program. 

What about being Carbon Neutral?  Is that the same as Green?

Carbon neutral is a good idea, but it is not Green.  The GBL consultant can assist you with your carbon footprint calculation and provide effective programs to establish a carbon neutral business.

Green Business League is rated A- by the Better Business Bureau.  Our program is committed to a superior education experience and environmental advancement.  Our mission is "Education and Advocacy" for environmental improvements in homes, schools, businesses, and organizations. 

We also hold federal trademarks for our training programs.  Green Business League™, GBL Certified Green Consultant™, and GBL Certified Sustainability Officer™.



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