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GBL Declares War on Green Certification Scams

Green ConsultantWhat if any business was allowed to use any deceptive practice to earn a Green status?  What value would their be to Green certification?  As it stands today, a Green business can become Green in the most ridiculous ways imaginable.   The first obvious process would be to self-certification by installing any of a dozen Green improvements to the business.  Then simply declare the business "Green," because there is no standard for measurement.

Another way to obtain a Green certification is to buy it online.  Fees for these website certifications run between $400 and $1500 depending on company size.  But don't be fooled by these nicely-designed website offering a certification logo.  These websites are frankly money-driven operations that justify their fees by posting up self-assessment forms.  Since when is a self-assessment proof of compliance?

Both of these forms of flimsy Green certifications are intended for ONE OBVIOUS REASON, and that is to convince the public.  Consumers who are seeking to spend their money with reputable Green businesses do not want to be deceived by a greenwashing program that fosters unproven Green claims.  Nothing prevents a misguided business from paying the fee, lying on the forms, and then proudly displaying the purchased logo to unsuspecting customers?

Instead of lowering standards, the real Green businesses are stepping up with programs of integrity, Green ethics, and transparency.  No one wants a surgeon who studied brain surgery online.  Does anyone want an amateur working on their car that got his training from a website?   What if the local grocery store could pass inspections by signing on to a website for self-reporting?  No one should trust a website certification that has not properly audited.

Green business certification online purchases or self-promotions are greenwashing at best and cheating at worst. In spite of the logic, these two methods of Green certification are widely practiced and all too common.  Business people tend toward the expedient solution when it seems feasible. Expedience is often the fool's path to disappointment because this issue will impact everyone.  If these certification are good, why not tell your customer that your company bought the logo off the Internet for a few hundreds dollars and see what they say?

Any business considering an imitation Green certification need to think forward a little to the day when that logo now showing on the store window or website gets some embarrassing press. Eventually, ugly news will come out about "Green cheaters" using the same logo others purchased in good faith.  News will spread over the Internet, the eventing news, and newspapers of these Green scam programs.  The lack of checks and audits guarantees that blatant abuses will one day be exposed.  Everything is privately and secretly accomplished by online assessments that are also mistakenly and purposely called "audits."   An audit cannot be conducted by the person being audited.  Yes, this is a scam!


The Green Business League has never taken a fee for a "blind certification."  Every GBL certification is documented and certified based on audited achievements found in the business. The Green Business League has a trained field force of more than 300 Certified Green Consultants across America and Canada.  Cheating and Greenwashing are not possible with the GBL system of live audits and documented assessments.

To the credit of the Green Business League, the fact is that Going Green is not a token effort or one time purchase. Every GBL member has a Certified Green Consultant as a partner in its business success. Going Green is now part of a successful business plan. Greater efficiencies allow Green businesses to be more profitable and more attractive to other Green businesses. Certified Green Consultants assist all certified businesses throughout the year to maintain and improve the Green values that will pay large dividends for many years to come. In the larger view, the environment of the community, the country, and the world deserve more than a token or fake certification. This is not just another marketing ploy. If a business is seeking to Go Green, it should be an authentic Green business certification.

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