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The International Benchmark for Environmental Credibility

Energy Star and Carbon Tracking

EPA Energy Star PartnerThe Green Business League is an EPA Energy Star Partner capable of assisting homes, businesses, industries, and cities to attain an Energy Star rating and awards.

Energy, water, and waste reduction are all parts of a sustainable business model.  These are the different areas of Greening a business.  The GBL system brings all these considerations under the "Green Practices" assessment and review.

Authentic Green Business Certification

The Energy Star will also be instrumental in grants, loans, and tax credits.  The tracking of Green House Gases is something that will impact all businesses very soon.

The GBL program avoids the quick fix mentality.  Starting with an assessment to establish a "Baseline" or Green operation, the second step is the creation of a "Sustainability Plan" that will map out the choices available to the company that will lead to Green business certification.  An actual person will provide guidance no matter where your offices may be across the nation.

More and more people believe that we will eventually reach a period of Green Equalization where everyone has "something Green."   Green pretenders will work hard to look as credible as companies that are making extraordinary Green strides.  Unless the corporate Green program leads to a recognized standard for performance and an independently audited Green certification, the trend toward Greenwashing will continue.  This is because it takes very little effort to make a business look totally greenwashed.

Energy auditing and reduction of carbon emiissions is a substantial task.  The Green Business League is also offering the SMARTweb system for comprehensive energy auditing and carbon tracking.  The demands for accurate tracking and validation requires professional oversight.  The Green Business League has trained verifiers who will provide the professional guidance needed for these systems.

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 GBL SponsorYour Green product or service can offer GBL certification points.  The process is simple, yet fair.  We are pleased to promote Green programs although GBL always remains brand-neutral.  Find out how your company can help Green your community, your industry, and our world by getting Green points for your service or product.  GBL Sponsors and point awards at this LINK