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Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum

Gerald R Ford Presidential Library

The Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum is not only a great toruist attraction in Grand Rapids, WI, it is also a very forward-thinking operation. The musuem has qualified for the second year as a titanium level as a Green certified operation.

The staff at the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum worked with David Bouck of Hope Network to develop its Green programming. This year, new improvements include water savings ideas and the installation of a white roof to cut cooling expenses. This is an audit certification that records 582 points with more improvements still in the planning stage.

This presidential library is a great example of how any company or organization should Go Green. It is unlikely and financially difficult to make the full change to a Green and sustainable oepration in a few weeks or months. It most cases, it takes three to five years for a company to make meaningful progress and create a Green operation throughout.

This library serves as an example of Green and sustainable programming.  The goal is not only to be Green, but to cut cuts and improve the operation.  Working with a Certified Green Consultant is an effect way to develop a Green program for any business.

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