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Green Executive/Manager Training

Green Executive TrainingThe view from the top of the company requires a different understanding of a Green operation.  New concepts like stakeholder, CSR, carbon accounting, and the myriad of topics that may be included in the company's sustainability plan is substantial.

This 110 page training course is offered online with text and video.  This way your top executives and managers can take the course at their own pace and still get a tremendous introduction.

We suggest that every company needs to appoint and train a CSO (Certified Sustainability Officer), but the leadership of the company needs to have a clear understanding of how a Green and sustainable business operates.

The Green Executive/Manager Training program offers a concise, yet profound, study of the operation of a Green business.  It is highly recommended that those in the leadership roles of the company take this training.

Tuition: $295 per student (Certification course) - $195 for orders of 5 or more.

$295 per student (1-4 people)

  $195 per student order (5 or more people)

Ourline of the Green Executive Training Course:

Introduction: The View from the Top
Chapter One: Never Fear the Cost of Profits
Chapter Two: How Businesses Go Green
Chapter Three: The Green Factor
Chapter Four: Parsing the Green Terms
Chapter Five: Credibility in the Marketplace
Chapter Six: The Green Supply Chain
Chapter Seven: Various Forms of Greenwashing
Chapter Eight: The role of the Green Officer
Chapter Nine: Transparency and Credibility
Chapter Ten: The Four Corners of Environmentalism
Chapter Eleven: A Day in the Life of an Eco-Business
Chapter Twelve: The Definition of Green
Chapter Thirteen: The Sustainability Plan
Chapter Fourteen: The Definition of Sustainability

Appendix A: White Paper: Government by Example
Appendix B: Sustainability in Seven Steps
Appendix C: Life Cycle Analysis
Appendix D: Best Practices in Green Companies
Appendix E: Example Sustainability Policy
Appendix F: Carbon Accounting

 You could read dozens of books on Green and sustainable ideas and not get as much practical information as in this one course of study.  This course is advised for all your upper level staff.  This study course is well-designed and gives the best understanding of how a Green and sustainable business should operate.

We also encourage your purchasing people to take the Green Purchasing Training.

Green Consultant

Green Certification

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