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Green Purchasing Training

Green Purchasing - Green Chain SupplyAs we hear more and more about the Green Supply Chain, Ethical purchasing, and basic sustainable practices; it is apparent that those involved in the purchasing decisions need to have better insight into the elements of Green and sustainable purchasing.

The Green Purchasing Training is an online training course with 70+ pages of text and video review.  This is the smart and easy way to get your purchasing in sync with your Green business operations. 

This course is straight-forward and very informative.  Because it is offered online, your key people can take this training without taking time off from work.  Many ideas offered in the Green business program are actually designed to improve employee health and reduce actual costs of operation.  Smart decisions are a natural part of every successful business, and Green is becoming one of the smart operation components.

Businesses change constantly.  People change jobs, decisions are made, and new ideas routinely appear.  Without this kind of training, your Green business will gradually lapse back into the old ways.  If you have a CSO in place, the success of the program will become a powerful and profitable part of your company's operation.

Tuition: $39.95 per person (certification course) and $19.95 if you order 5 or more units.


$39.95 each  (1 to 4 persons)

  $19.95 each (5 or more persons)

Outline of the Course of Study:

  1. Introduction: Shaking Things Up!
  2. History of Green Purchasing
  3. Green Purchasing Principles
  4. The LifeCycle Issue
  5. Green Purchasing Criteria
  6. Don't Overlook the Easy Solutions
  7. Greening Accounts Receivable
  8. Saas Applications
  9. Energy Considerations
  10. Money Handling Options
  11. Why is This Green?
  12. Benefits and Tradeoffs
  13. Green Purchasing Protocols
  14. Sample Purchasing Policy
  15. Greenwashing
  16. Points to Consider
  17. Inventing the Green Program in Your Company
  18. International Concerns for Business

This training course is recommended for all persons purchasing on behalf of the company and those who participate in the decision-making, RFPs, contracts, and buying program of the company.


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Green Certification

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