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Allentown Green Business Certification

The Green Business League has already made a big impact in Allentown, PA as far as improving the green initiative.  Many businesses are on the Green Path because of the Green Business League and our many consultants.

Allentown Green Business Facts:

Green AllentownChistine Moscaritolo State Farm Insurance Agency is located on Hamilton Boulevard in Allentown, PA and this is the first State Farm Insurance agency that have earned their Green Business Certification with the Green Business League.
Sustainable AllentownThe City won a $517,045 grant from the PA Energy Development Authority to install a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the Bridgeworks Building at 641 S. 10th Street. This electric power station will generate more than 72,000 kWh of solar power yearly and will improve air quality by reducing carbon, sulfur, and nitrous dioxides and air-borne mercury.
Going Green AllentownThe City has converted all of our 5,788 incandescent traffic signal bulbs with LED technology fixtures. This has reduced our electrical expenses by 40%.
Eco AllentownAir Products & Chemicals and the City is improving fuel economy through less gas consumption. The Nitrogen Inflation System will fill all 600 city fleet vehicle tires with “pure” nitrogen. The benefits include fuel economy through less gas consumption, improved overall safety and handling of vehicles, and increased tire longevity reducing tire disposal. The City has saved 3.4% in diesel and 3.3% in unleaded fuel consumption.

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