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Annapolis Green Business Certification

Annapolis is leading the way with its many programs and initiatives dedicated to making the City more sustainable and carbon neutral. The Green Business League has created progam to help businesses, and communities become sustainable through certification.

Annapolis Green Business Facts:

Green AnnapolisBroadneck High School in Annapolis can officially call itself a Maryland Green School thanks to the hard work of its students. In 2006, students formed an environmental science club with the goal of gaining green school status. The green school certification program, awarded by the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education, recognizes schools that meet certain criteria, including environmental education in the curricula, using model best management practices on campus, and addressing community environmental issues.
Sustainable AnnapolisRidgely Retreat becomes the first local business in Annapolis to have earned its independently-audited, national Green Business certification. Jean Cozzolino is the Certified Green Consultant working in Annapolis that helped Ridgely Retreat become a Certified Green Business.
Green Businesses in AnnapolisStormwater runoff is the biggest source of pollution of Annapolis’ creeks. Rain barrels are good for our creeks, our bay, and our waterways. The City of Annapolis holds “Sustainable Annapolis” rain barrel and compost bin sale.
Eco AnnapolisVolunteers will plant 1,000 trees on a former farm to reduce carbon and nutrient pollution, an event made possible by a unique partnership between Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES), Sterling Planet, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF).

Miami Green Certification
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