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Columbia Green Business Certification

The city of Columbia, MO is realizing that Green is not just a fade but a new lifestyle that people around the United States are starting to adopt.  The Green Business League is helping business and individuals all over the city of Columbia become environmental friendly.

Columbia Green Business Facts:

Green ColumbiaRV companies that have offered a lightweight towable line are creating more eco-friendly RVs by making them ultralight by utilizing different construction methods and materials, cutting down on heavier materials and appliances. Some eco-friendly RV companies are also heavily promoting their non-traditional towable models, but the common theme is to offer less weight so the trailer can be towed with a mid-sized SUV or one of the new crossover vehicles.
Sustainable ColumbiaClimate Protection Action Campaign CPAC is an exciting campaign to give everyone in Columbia the information and tools needed to start making a real difference in the areas of global warming, water conservation, energy conservation, air quality and recycling/waste reduction.
Environmental ColumbiaTo safeguard the environment and our quality of life and encourage responsible development, the City of Columbia recently introduced their Green Building Incentive Program (GBIP). The Green Building Incentive Program, funded by the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009, provides both financial and other incentives to those who construct buildings to green building program standards.
Going Green in ColumbiaThe City of Columbia's Green Congregations program is a voluntary program to encourage faith-based organizations to take proactive steps to: 1) improve their environmental record while saving money and being good stewards of the Earth; and 2) engage their members to take individual steps to improve the environment.

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