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Los Angeles Green Business Certification

Los Angeles, known for its choking smog and fuel-burning gridlock, is poised to adopt one of the toughest green business and building ordinances in the nation.

Los Angeles Green Business Facts:

Green Los AngelesEast Los Angeles College installed 5,952 solar panels, which will create nearly half of the college’s energy.  Placed hanging over 530 parking spaces on a campus lot, the panels are expected to last for forty years, produce 1.9 million kilowatts annually, and save the college around $270,000 a year.
Green Business CertificationFor business or for pleasure, you can make your stay eco-friendly thanks to LA’s many green hotels. Some of LA's top hotels have been recognized by Green Seal for their environmental conservation efforts. They have been replacing old packaged terminal air conditioners with energy efficient systems, switching from dual to single-head showers, and replacing dilute, ready-to-use cleaner with concentrated all-purpose cleaner. Green Seal hotels do the work of reducing your carbon footprint for you with grace and style.
Eco Los Angeles
Green shopping in LA is plentiful. Some of the eco-friendly retail stores are American Apparel, Inc. and Arbor.

Environmental Los AngelesLocal farmers’ markets are fantastic for finding often organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables, reducing pollution generated by harsh pesticides and fertilizers as well as long distance transportation.

Los Angeles Green Business CertificationLA’s cutting-edge architecture uses less energy and self-generates power stylishly. The Caltrans District 7 Headquaters is a LEED-certified building with an exterior skin of photovoltaics that produces a significant percentage of the building’s electricity. Entirely off the grid, the Los Angeles Audubon Center at Debs Park earned the highest possible rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Green CaliforniaLA recently introduced its first solar powered park lights at the North Hollywood Park, increasing safety and energy efficiency for all visitors.

Green CityThe Los Angeles Convention Center recently reached LEEDS-EB Gold level status for the 4.1 million square feet built on a 54-acre property and became the largest convention center in the nation to achieve this milestone.


Sustainable CityIn LA, there’s more to green dining than salad. It’s not just what you eat, but how it’s grown, harvested, transported and prepared. LA offers the hottest restaurant trends including establishments who grow their own greens. If you really want to get a head start on an eco meal, put on your helmet and start pedaling! There’s plenty of bike-friendly dining to be had from the Hollywood Hills to LA’s extensive coastline.


Los Angeles Green Business CertificationThere’s more than one way to go green in Los Angeles. Try area hikes of all stripes from waterfalls to ocean vistas; hit one of ten budget conscious activities, like a stroll through the Downtown LA Art Walk or a trip to the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve; or head straight to a green event like a tour at the LEED-EB Platinum certified Audubon Center at Debs Park.


Green CertificationLike other green businesses in LA, Econation made a commitment to the future. They became a premier chauffeured transportation company by setting green auto standards with rides in luxurious, alternative fuel vehicles such as the Executive L Series Lincoln Town Car, which emits 90 percent less carbon.


California Green BusinessesCalifornia Rent-A-Car offer a variety of vehicles that’ll go easy on the wallet and their excellent fuel economy can help ease your environmental conscience.


California Green Business CertificationSimply Hybrid is an all hybrid rental company operating at LAX and specializing in wheels from the Toyota Prius to the Mercedes E320 BlueTEC.


Environmental CaliforniaIf driving is not your deal, or you need a driver for a night on the town, KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services has a green fleet of vehicles that can shuttle you around in style.

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