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The International Benchmark for Environmental Credibility

New York City Green Business Certification

Green rankings in the U.S. don’t tell the full story about the places where the human footprint is lightest. If you really want the best environmental model, you need to look at the nation’s biggest, and greenest — metropolis: New York City.

New York City Green Business Facts:


Green New YorkFifty-four percent of New York City households — and 77 percent of Manhattan households — own no car at all.  Because most people in NY city do not own cars they either walk or use public transpertation.


Sustainable New YorkThe School Construction Authority released a NYC Green Schools Guide that calls for schools designed after January 2007 be built with green standards that will result in the new building’s gaining LEED Certification or the equivalent, and a minimum 20% reduction in energy cost.


New York Certified Green Business

 Historic Argonaut Building in New York city recently received a gold LEED certification from USGBC (source:


Going Green In New York

The Department of Energy has 1,223 schools that have designed recycling programs and appointed waste reduction coordinators, and the Division of School Facilities chairs a monthly Sustainability Committee which includes representatives from Sanitation, SCA, curriculum development, UFT, SchoolFood, Local 891 and the Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability to review programs and look for ways we can engage students in recycling.


Green Business In New York

 New York City has been pedal-powering their New Years ball, the ball itself is about 10-20% more energy efficient over last year’s ball.


Environmental New York

 New York City unveiled new fuel emissions standards for the city's 10,000 black taxis that will compel the town car owners to switch to hybrid technology within five years (source:

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