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Salt Lake City Green Business Certification

The Green Business League is working with Salt Lake City on protecting, restoring, and preserving their natural resources is one of the core goals of the Cities mission to provide honest, open, efficient, and ethical government that is responsive to citizens.

Salt Lake City Green Business Facts:

Green Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City started a biofuel feedstock pilot project.  This exciting project is on 20 acres of dry farmland owned by Salt Lake City.  The purpose of this pilot project is to explore how publically owned non-traditional agronomic lands can grow biofuel feedstock for conversion into biodiesel.
Sustainable Salt Lake CityIn 2008 Salt Lake City adopted an anti-idling policy for its fleet. In addition, over 22,000 gallons of bio-fuel was used in 2010.
Eco Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City offers a variety of trip reduction programs and incentives for its employees including transit passes, van pools, and car pool options. In 2010 a total of 3,539 UTA transit passes and tokens were distributed to employees. In addition, approximately 707,886 personal drive miles were saved by the employees who participated in the City vanpool program.
Environmental Salt Lake CityThe Salt Lake City landfill has a methane gas generation plant in which methane is captured and turned into electric power which is sold to Murray City Utility. In 2010 the power generated from this plant served approximately 3,000 homes.
Going Green Salt Lake CityIn 2007, the Utah Division of Air Quality started the Utah Clean School Bus Project in conjunction with local school districts, county and municipal governments, as well as community and non-profit organizations. This coalition is working together to secure funding sources for school districts to purchase emission reducing technologies for buses statewide. All Salt Lake City school busses, approximately 454, were retrofitted in 2010.
Green Business in Salt Lake CityEstablished in 2007, the mission of the One Million Tree Program is to plant one tree for every Salt Lake City resident. This creates a living legacy where the urban forest serves a vital role in supporting a high quality of life for each and every resident.

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