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Seattle Green Business Certification

The Green Business League is working closely with the city of Seattle to help their businesses and individuals become environmentally friendly.  The Green Business League will take Seattle from the rainy city and turn it in to the Energy Star city.

Seattle Green Business Facts:

Green SeattleTo reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels proposed Wednesday that all of the city's taxis get at least 30 miles per gallon.
Sustainable SeatleSeattle will receive $20 million from the US Department of Energy’s “Retrofit Ramp Up” program, a competitive grant program funded through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG).
Green Business in SeattleThe City's Green Seattle Partnership with the Cascade Land Conservancy was formed to restore 2500 acres of forested parkland by 2025. 
Eco SeattleThe Climate Protection Initiative, which instigated the Climate Action Plan, was born in February 2005 when Mayor Nickels pledged that the entire Seattle community would meet or beat the United States' target of the Kyoto Treaty.
Going Green SeattleOlive 8 is Seattles first sustainable condominium/hotel community. It is the first LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified condominium/hotel building in Seattle. LEED is the most widely-recognized national green building standard and ensures a healthier home. Olive 8’s many cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly features result in 36% less water usage (an approximate savings of 2.4 million gallons per year) and 23% less power usage. Both Hyatt and Olive 8 have fully embraced a seamless green building ethos and sustainable practices.
Green Business in SeattleSeattle recently earned the distinction of being selected as the No. 1 Government Green Fleet in North America, announced at the Green Fleet Conference in October 2010. A total of 40 government fleets were recognized.

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