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St. Louis Green Business Certification

When you think of St. Louis, "Going Green" is not the first thing you think about.  The Green Business League on the other hand is hoping to change the traditional way of thinking in that city.  GBL is working hard to help businesses and individuals change their lifestyle in a sustainable way.

St. Louis Green Business Facts:

Green St. LouisSt. Louis's Emerson's new data center has a large photovoltaic solar array on its roof. The building sports a rooftop 100 kV (DC) solar array that occupies about a quarter of its surface area. The array provides about 15% of the power requirements for the equipment inside and is just one of several technologies that are used to show how green a new data center can be.
Sustainable St. LouisThe St. Louis Rams installed a Green Platform in December 2007 to serve as an umbrella for both new and existing initiatives supporting our environmental sustainability efforts.  They are proud of our many accomplishments in the areas of recycling and reducing energy consumption, we are committed to doing more and engaging our staff, fans and community in this important effort.
Eco St. LouisEnterprise Rent-A-Car says it will spend $150 million over five years to make all of its locations environmentally friendly. The St. Louis-based company announced its Enterprise Sustainable Construction Protocol on Wednesday. It says all newly constructed and retrofitted locations will be designed, built and managed with sustainability in mind.
Going Green St. LouisAccording to the U.S. Green Building Council, St. Louis ranks ninth among U.S. metropolitan areas for the number of buildings certified under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.
Green Businesses in St. LouisThe William A. Kerr Family Foundation building, located at 21 O’Fallon St. in St. Louis, is a Platinum certified building. The Platinum certification is the highest level offered by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

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