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Founded in 2004, The Green Building Institute (GBI) is a 501c3 non-profit organization established to foster sustainable building practices through education and example.  Supported by both individual and corporate members, the organization has been extremely successful in its original mission.  However, to continue its history of environmental leadership, it has now earned national certification for its “green business practices” as well. 

     Heather Szymanski, the Executive Director, stated “While GBI has been very successful in promoting sustainable building practices, it is now time for us to expand our focus to include business practices as well.”  Szymanski goes on to say “It’s certainly important to build and occupy an environmentally-friendly building, but it’s equally important to both operate that building and conduct your daily activities with environmental impact in mind”.

     In line with its 6-year history of excellence, GBI chose not to pursue this new mission on its own but instead selected Jean Cozzolino, a Certified Green Consultant™  with Greener Perspectives,  to independently audit and review their routine business practices…and, not surprisingly,  the results were excellent.  The certification is with the Green Business League.

     “In a world where almost every business seems to claim to be Green or offer Green products or services, independent verification becomes critical” stated Cozzolino.  She goes on to say “In today’s world, “We know what Green is. We know where it starts and the simple path to real progress.  But, best of all, we can both recognize and reward any firm that has genuinely achieved the milestones of certifiable progress… and the Green Building Institute has clearly achieved such a milestone.” 

    In addition to its skylights, solar panels, photovoltaic panels, radiant floor heating, “green” roof, and its use of native plants, The Green Building Institute uses environmentally-friendly cleaning products, Energy-Star appliances/computers, kitchen composting, rain barrels for landscape watering, and internet conferencing to reduce vehicle emissions.  There are even such things as wheatboard door frames and sunflower seed countertops.

     In conclusion, Cozzolino stated “It has been a true privilege to work with the Green Building Institute.  Not only are they doing the right things for themselves, they are committed to providing ongoing opportunities for others to also become more environmentally responsible.  They clearly deserve the recognition and community support they receive.”

     The Green Building Institute offers on and off site corporate training, and hosts events at the ENVIRO CENTER, 7761 Waterloo Rd., Jessup, MD.  Updated class schedules, networking, and other information is available on  Tours are also available by calling 443-733-1234 or

     If you are wondering how you might be able to nationally certify your company as Green with the Green Business League, you can go to  or call Jean Cozzolino at 410-937-4657.

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