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Green Business Certification - Reference Section


There are a growing number of issues that we feel are worthy of publication on this site.  The more that you know about this subject, the more you may realize that getting a Green certification is a valuable credential.  If you plan to Go Green, we strongly that you hire a Certified Green Consultant or install a Certified Sustainability Officer in your company. 

We hope that you will find value in what is published on this page:

 >> News about the Sustainable Forum

>> About a Certified Green Consultant

>> About a Certified Sustainability Officer

>> How Much Oil is Left in the World?

>> How to Avoid Greenwashing

>> Green Buildings versus Green Practices

>> EPA Energy Star Ratings

>> Green Business Blog

>> Invitation Only Green Entreprenuer Event

>> FTC Action Could Annul More than 300 Green Certifcations

>>The Perfect Lawn, An Urban Myth

>>The Sustainbility Plan Drives Environmental Progress

>>Mayors Across America

>>The Green Fleet Aspect of a Green Business

>>New Software for Green Business Certification

>>Looking into Energy Star Certification

>>White Paper on Green Business Certifications


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 GBL SponsorYour Green product or service can offer GBL certification points.  The process is simple, yet fair.  We are pleased to promote Green programs although GBL always remains brand-neutral.  Find out how your company can help Green your community, your industry, and our world by getting Green points for your service or product.  GBL Sponsors and point awards at this LINK