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We are expanding our outreach to Green businesses everywhere.  If you need immediate help, contact a Regional office in your area.

Bermuda and Caribbean - Charles Leon Obrien

Dallas, Texas - Mark Floyd

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - Kathy Spratt

Los Angeles, California - Keith French

Miami, Florida - Kurt Morrow

St. Louis, Missouri - Brent Williams

New York, New York - Michele Moran



South Africa - Greg Seymour - South Africa Green Business League

Latin America Green Business League - Lorena Muro - South America Green Business League

Spanish Website

Green Agency Event:  The Green Business League is seeking the best agency builders in America to attend this two day event to discover how to "Take your City Green."  This is a select group of experienced agency builders ready to make the proven GBL system impact your area in a big way.

Contact Kurt Morrow for more information:  kurt(at) Find out more...

 Meeting the Need of Green Business

Green Consultant AgencyThe Green Business League is clearly the leader in Green business certification, and that is because of an all-out commitment to live audited assessments.  Businesses respect this commitment.  So, does the government.  The EPA has a growing relationship with GBL to promote a legitimate Green business certification.

What is lacking is "Leadership" although there are many people anxious to work as a Green consultant, a national standard of Green certification requires a true team effort.  With more than 350 Green consultants nationwide, the plan now calls for the development of a nationwide and international effort. 

We invite the inquiry of strong team builders to learn about the next big market.  We are very selective of those invited to learn about the GBL chapters.  Those that see that the future is Green will be able to lock up a area, and adopt a system that includes a program of training as a Chapter Director.

This event is by Invitation Only, and we are looking for leaders with proven skills in team building.  We understand the impact of what is coming, and the development of a national program is crucial to what will soon explode in this market. 

Prime areas will likely go first.  This means that metropolitan areas are key to your success.  We are seeking people with their feet in the community, established contacts with business and community leaders, and the zeal to establish a program that absolutely the best program anywhere.  Find out more...


Green Consultant

Green Certification

GBL wins EcoVisionary

 GBL SponsorYour Green product or service can offer GBL certification points.  The process is simple, yet fair.  We are pleased to promote Green programs although GBL always remains brand-neutral.  Find out how your company can help Green your community, your industry, and our world by getting Green points for your service or product.  GBL Sponsors and point awards at this LINK