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Stanlib Asset Managers in South Africa earns its Green Certification

Stanlib Asset ManagersThe Green Business League is pleased to announce the Green business certification of Stanlib Asset Managers in South Africa.  STANLIB is wholly-owned by the Liberty Group, has over 400 000 clients and a presence in eight African countries.

STANLIB worked with Greg Seymour, the director of the Green Business Leauge in South Africa to counsult and audit the ongoing program. 

STANLIB has a proud record of being one of the top investment managers in South Africa. With R330 billion assets under management and administration, they are the leading Unit Trust Company in SA. Offering a range of investment solutions to both individuals and institutions.
Stanlib are truly one of the more progressive businesses in South Africa and have been involved in greening their business Head Office over a period of time.  More businesses now realize that the greening process is not a token effort, but a commitment to make serious improvements in the business operation.
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The areas which they have achieved certification on are: Energy Efficient Lighting, motion sensors in all meeting rooms, Tele conferencing, provision of several water fountains on each floor of the building, waste separation, reduction of canteen waste such as polystyrene, IR water faucets and dual flush toilets, Carbon Foot Print analysis, Energy Audit and community activation.
Stanlib easily qualified at Silver Level Certification and is determined to reach Gold level by the next audit.  The Green Business League works with all member businesses to continue to improve the overall environmental program.  The long view in environmental program is incredibly important to the company's and community's efforts to change the direction of our worldwide concern.
As a Green business, others are encouraged to consider STANLIB as a excellent business partner.  Also, the leadership of STANLIB is an example for other businesses to follow.  Should there be any questions about Green business certification, contact the office of Greg Seymour for assistance.

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